Sex and Reproduction

Capitalism must uphold certain myths to function. One of the primary myths is that the more productive you are and the more wealth you generate, the better person you are.

People who deviate from this myth threaten to undermine the entire capitalist system. Those of us who violate the goal of striving for the ideal (by choice or by our existence, as is the case with many disabled people) or who challenge our roles face consequences for our deviance. Sometimes those consequences are legal ones, but more often they are social consequences. We are made into examples; we are denied the joys, comforts and pleasures that other 'normal' people have access to.

We are deviant because our minds and bodies do not fit the capitalist notion of the ideal, an ideal equated with what is productive. In a society where disabled people face countless obstacles; physical, mental and systemic, we cannot be productive, at least to the extent that would be required of us to be considered 'normal'.

People assigned the status of supercrip are given temporary reprieve from these consequences.

The rest of us are punished for our deviance. One of these punishments is the control of our sexualities and reproduction. Sexual and reproductive control is important because it is a way for people to assert their own autonomy, have control over their own bodies, enjoy their bodies and procreate when and how they please. Just as it is important to control the means of production in a capitalist society, it is important to control reproduction as it is the most rudimentary form of human production. One key component of controlling reproduction is controlling sexuality. In the case of disabled people, it is important to control our sexuality as a means of punishing us for our deviance from the capitalist ideals. The lesson here is "you cannot be happy if you give up your pursuit of the capitalist ideal; keep striving to be more productive and you will be rewarded."