We are not living, to be sure, in mountain times, in revolutionary times, and that is as it is. We live in valley times - times of uncertainty and confusion, times of endemic hopelessness and deepening despair. These are times to stay awake and aware, to gather strength, to study and build our projects, to make whatever modest contributions you can, to blow softly on the embers of justice - and to remember - Bill Ayers, Fugitive Days: A Memoir

Right now, “blowing on the embers of justice” means fighting individual cases, building relationships, being allies, fighting to win back victories that were won by past movements and slowly chiselled away at until they were skeletons, or gone completely. “To remember” is to learn history and to learn from history.

Those in power control the majority of the resources and almost all of the military strength. We are poorly armed, if we are armed at all. What we do have is numbers. If we can demonstrate to the people who are actively oppressed and exploited by those in power that we really can win, that things really can change, more will join in the fight to win freedom and dignity.

Disabled people have fought back. We have locked down. We have occupied. We have marched. We have organized. We have won battles. And we can keep fighting until we get what we need.