Did Disabilism Lead to Death?

Shawn Gallaher died in a fire. He was locked in his apartment and couldn't escape. Why? Because he is disabled and the building's attendant care workers would frequently fail to leave the door in a way that he could come and go.

His death was probably preventable. If his attendants had followed his instructions to leave the door open, he may well have survived.

It also seems like he may have been being punished for being a drug user. Drug users should still be able to have visitors and come and go from their apartments as they please. Landlords and attendant care worker should not decide whether someone gets to leave their apartment. If he weren't disabled, they wouldn't have been able to restrict his access the way his friends say happened.

Immigration Battle: Family Only Granted Residency If Son Isn't On Application

Just days after the Maeng family's immigration win, another family faces having to leave the country if they want to stay together. Chris Reynold's family can get permanent residency, only if he is taken off of the application because he has Asperger's. Chris is another person who is considered a 'drain on the system' because of his diagnosis and Canada wants him gone.

Immigration Victory - But the Battle Continues

The Maeng family is going to be able to stay in Canada. This is great news for them and their community. For their story, click here. While there are success stories, from time to time, about disabled people being able to stay in Canada despite immigration policies.

Offence Taken: One Community Unites Against the R Word

I haven't seen the whole video, but this 5 minute piece is really good. You should watch it.

Wheel Trans: Paris Hilton Isn't So Unlucky

The Toronto Star ran a story about Wheel Trans today that said: "Paris Hilton should be so lucky. Her private chauffeur probably doesn’t provide the kind, attentive service" that Wheel Trans does.

Tess Kalinowski's 'feel good about the incredibly problematic, segregated transit system' article is actually about cutting the already limited program.

Wheel Trans is already considering cutting service to dialysis patients and looking at who else they can kick off the system to save money.

Wisconsin: Disability Protests

There have been many thousands of people who have been proteting in Wisconsin. While public sector workers right to collectively bargain has been the primary, if not exclusive story, in the mainstream media, there are a number of people on the streets with a wide variety of demand. Health care, food allowances and other issues affecting poor people have also been important issues on the streets.

Cancer Inc.

One of the many problems with the charity model of disability is that it is used as a way to distract people from systemic problems about disability. Charity both blames individuals and works to keep people from changeling social injustices.

One of the most glaring examples of this is within the mainstream cancer societies and organizations. They are heavily funded by corporations that distribute economic and environmental injustices and then attribute our sicknesses to individual behaviours and make themselves look benevolent while working to prop up industrial capitalism. Like other charities around disability, these guys have created an industry around finding a cure while doing little or nothing for the daily lives of disabled people (and in this case, it is trying to cure the results of, in many instances, being poisoned by the same people).

For a good article about this, read Cancer Inc. in Sierra Magazine.

Arbitrary Rules Keep Man Off Of Disability Pension

The story of a man who is denied a disability pension because he is $1.70 over the cut-off may seem like an outrageous exception but, sadly, things like this happen all the time. The other week, I spoke with someone who has a family of 7 and cannot get on welfare because they make $70 more than the cut-off. This family lives on $1570 a month - that is about $225 per person per month.

For the full story about a man who can't make ends meet because he "makes to much" click here

Your Money Or Your Life

In a country with supposedly universal coverage, some of the most vulnerable must pay cash for health care. It costs them their livelihoods — and sometimes their lives. Read the This Magazine article

Intellectually Disabled People Forced To Fight Each Other In Perverse "Fight Club"

Six staff at the Texas state run Corpus Christi State School, an institution that confines intellectually disabled people, have been charged with allegedly failing to intervene stop fights and/or "injury to a disabled person." The charges stem from video found of 20 fights between inmates at the institution.

At least one of the staff also allegedly kicked one of the inmates.

For the full story, click here.widespread abuse in Texas State Schools. Incidents of abuse in these institutions are, on average, 12 for 100 people.

12 Year Old Autistic Boy Tasered At School

A 12 year old autistic boy was Tasered at school for acting out. This is not the first time a child has been Tasered in Canada or the United States (nearly 400 people have died after being shocked in the two countries.) The presence of Tasers in schools combined with "zero tolerance" legislation in schools which we know targets disabled kids for being disabled means that we could see an increased number of incidents of disabled kids being shocked for being disabled.

For the full story, click here.